Top 10 Cheap Alaska Cruises

Today it has become much easier to take a cruise vacation to almost any destination in the world; it has become extremely popular among vacationers to choose a cruise, and especially for the fact that prices have fallen. I have listed the top 10 tips on how to get a cheap cruise line deal.

Cheap Alaska Cruises

1. When planning a cruise vacation, try to find someone else to go with like a good friend; rates sometimes can go up as high as 200% if you book a cruise by yourself.

2. If you want to get a cheap cruise deal, you must be willing to act fast on such deals; why? Because someone else may get your spot!

3. Nowadays you can shop online for a cheap cruise deal by searching for last minute deals. A great time to search for cheap tickets are 60 days before the cruise starts.

4. Another tactic: book on an out-of-season cruise in order to get a great deal. Book for example, peak hurricane season in the Caribbean which is September to the middle of November, or before and after Christmas, or other major holidays.

5. Consider going on a cruise during shoulder season. For example, on an Alaskan cruise you may save up to 50% when departing the week after peak season. But you must plan ahead.

6. During the course of your cruise, do not register for shore trips; these will handsomely make your overall cruise line bill higher.

7. Consider repositioned cruises: these cruises may offer discounts when the cruise lines modify the itinerary of the original cruise.

8. Try searching for a cheap cruise deal during the spring break for a lower discount rate.

9. To reduce the normal going cost for any cruise ship, consider going with more people and asking for a group rate; or, you can ask for a family rate.

10. Here's another trick: Search for eleven-hour repositioning. Believe it or not, such cruises can be quite cost effective.

Cheap Alaska Cruises


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